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LOGAN HEIGHTS – A stray Belgian Tervuren or something reportedly intercepted a tourist wandering through Southeast San Diego yesterday  afternoon and herded the bewildered man to some of the sweetest spots in town, sources say.

Vinnie Cook, a vacationing bail bondsman from Phoenix, says he was asking an elderly gentleman at Memorial Park for directions to the In-N-Out  Burger when the charismatic canine approached him with a knowing grin and said, “dude, follow me,” in that special unspoken way which only a weathered street mutt can.

“We watched ships in the harbor, ate pizza in Little Italy, and got stone drunk at Cherrybomb,”  Cook relates.  “He made sure I smuggled in a Coke, to water down the all-business cocktails.”

Cook and the canine then grabbed some 40s at a South Park 7-11 and hit up a rad roof spot, where they chain-smoked and talked about their ex-wives and baseball and shit.

The dapper dog never did mention his name, but Cook says he remembers him as Scooter.  “I’ve always wanted  a dog named Scooter,” a choked-up Cook says.  “It’s just a really awesome name.”