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KENSINGTON – A barista at a cozy Kensington cafe allegedly called every body “sweetie” and “hun”  as she distributed  hot cups of coffee today.

“It was really unexpected,” said fifteen-year-old Todd LeDuff, who was still grinning wildly from the encounter.  “The day started out kind of sucky, but then the chic behind the counter hit me like a bolt of lightning to the face!”

“She’s such a dear,” said regular Doris Fletchers, 83.  “She’s like one endless hug!”

Scientists are currently studying the effects of Barista Maybelle Suthers’ unbelievably good vibes on her beverages.  Research has shown that her coffee is about 30% bomber than the local mean.  Other data suggests that Suthers’ regulars live on average 15-20 years longer than patrons of the nearby Starbucks.

“That leering beast Starbucks across the street doesn’t stand a chance,” economist Larry Lowenstein conjectured via email.  “They simply can’t match the ineffable warm-fuzzy feeling one gets from barista extraordinaire Maybelle.”

Suthers has been working at various coffee houses for almost eight years and calls it her “dream job.”

“I’ve always loved cappuccinos and the people who drink them,” a radiant Suthers reported.  “These people are like family to me.  It’s really wonderful, really magical.  Know what I mean, hun?”