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Witnesses said Harper was giggling like a school girl as he snapped photos on his mobile phone.

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS – 27-year-old Greg Harper alleged that a ladybug landed on his leg while he was reading a book at the Trolley Barn Park around noon today.

“At first I thought it was a spider,” said Harper, a graphic designer, “and I hate spiders.  When I realized it was a ladybug, I chilled out and the bug cruised up my calf […] It really tickled!”

The ladybug (also known as the ladybird) is part of the beetle family.

“Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer,” Harper continued.  “I put my hand down and the ladybug crawled up on my finger.  It excreted some foul-smelling yellow stuff onto my thumb, turned around, ate it, and flew away.”

Scientists say that the yellow substance Harper encountered was blood, which ladybugs excrete as a defense mechanism.